Brewing Info:

How To Brew by John Palmer
Beer Judge Certification Program
Brewers Association
The Brewing Network
Basic Brewing Radio

Remember to support your local homebrew shop when you can.
Check out Gust Asp in Escanaba and White's Party Store in Marquette.

Northern Brewer
Midwest Supplies
Puterbaugh Farms

Other Beer Info:
Michigan Beer Guide
The Beer Mapping Project

Third Eye Brewing - created by club member Josh Marenger
All Things Homebrewing - created by club member Brian Richards
Michigan Beer Buzz

Other homebrew clubs:
Tri-County Fermenters
Green Bay Rackers
Appleton Libation Enthusiasts
Bull Falls Brewers (Wausau)
Society of Oshkosh Brewers

Local businesses / supporters:
Hereford & Hops - they host many meetings as well as other misc support
Threefold Vine Winery - our hosts for National Mead Day
DSTECH - provides website and e-mail hosting for the club

Quick Calendar
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2/7 - Meeting
3/14 - Meeting
4/11 - Meeting
5/2 - Big Brew Day
6/13 - Meeting
7/11 - Meeting
8/1 - Mead Day
9/7-12 - UP Beer Week
9/12 - MQT Fest
10/10 - UPtoberfest
11/7 - Meeting
12/12 - Meeting

Special thanks to Hereford & Hops for all of their support!

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