Club Charter  
The mission of the Bay de Noc Brewers homebrew club is to facilitate the sharing of information about brewing beer at home amongst all club members in order to promote the brewing of high quality beer in our members homes. The distribution of this knowledge will facilitate all club members in becoming more knowledgeable about beer and the brewing process assisting them in creating higher quality beer at home. The club itself is therefore founded as a means to facilitate this transfer of knowledge between members and to make this knowledge readily available to anyone interested in learning about our craft.

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2/7 - Meeting
3/14 - Meeting
4/11 - Meeting
5/2 - Big Brew Day
6/13 - Meeting
7/11 - Meeting
8/1 - Mead Day
9/7-12 - UP Beer Week
9/12 - MQT Fest
10/10 - UPtoberfest
11/7 - Meeting
12/12 - Meeting

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